Moodlu Quarry Offstream Water Storage Scheme

Client: Caboolture Shire Council
Location: Moodlu, QLD
Status: Complete, May 2007

Supply of detailed design, materials, labour and equipment required for the construction of the Moodlu Quarry Offstream Storage Scheme including:

  • Pump out 140,000m³ of water from the base of the quarry and excavate sump.
  • Manufacture and install new pump stations at both Wararba Creek and Moodlu Quarry,
  • Construct 1700m of 300mm of new DICL pipeline connecting the pumping stations
  • Supply and construct new 500mm dia siphon over the existing weir at Wararba Creek.
  • Rock blasting and drilling of 18m long rock bolts to stabilise the quarry walls and the pipework.
  • Supply and installation of pump stations at each end of the works with a deep pipeline running down the quarry wall into the base of the Quarry.
  • Supply and install switchboards and controls