Rubuyanna Inlet & Outfall Sewer Main

Client: Hall Contracting
Location: Bundaberg, Qld
Status: February 2015- July 2015

This subcontract is for the provision of all plant, labour, supervision, equipment and consumables to execute the works associated with the Rubyanna WWTP Rising and Outfall Main Project including demolition, clearing, excavation, installation, backfilling and reinstatement to meet AS3798 standards, Sewer Pressure Code of Australia WSA 07- 2007 and Sewerage Code of Australia, WSA 02-2002.

The works included:

  • Excavate, bed, lay & backfill 2724m of DN1200 PN10 SN10 Pressure Sewer Pipe
  • Excavate, bed, lay & backfill 5436m of DN600 PH16 SN10 Pressure Sewer Main.
  • Installation of Emergency Overflow
  • Installation of Air Vent
  • Installation of Shut Off Valve
  • Installation of End Caps
  • Excavate & Install
    • 7 x 1350mm dia Manholes
    • 9 x 1200mm dia Manholes
    • 7 x 1050mm dia Manholes
    • 1 x 1500mm dia Manhole
  • Removal of 4500m of Non-Rippable Material