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Bellrise Principal Contractor of Design, Supply and Construct new fire main and water mains for “The Park – Centre for Mental Health”.

The works included:

  • Around 3600m of water mains

  • 2000m of fire mains

  • Between 50mm and 250mm including electrical pumps,

  • Two large water storage holding tanks

  • A pump station building complete with pumps and electrical scada.


Installation of 2 x new flow meter pits and the supply, removal and replacement with a new 600mm mag flow meter.

  • Construstion of a pre-cast concrete pit around the DN600 flow meter

  • Construction of a pre-cast concrete pit around the DN750 flow meter

  • Renewal of the 600mm mag flow meter


Pipework associated with the construction of a new development site at Rothwell

  • Supply and installation of 573m of DN160 PE gravity fed sewer pipe

  • Verify location of all existing services

  • All sewer lines to be tested on completion

  • Liaise with Unity Water regarding live connections

  • Construction of 9 x Manholes

  • All dewatering and groundwater control and disposal of surface water

  • Compaction testing

Rothwell Caboolture_edited.jpg